Tanzanian artist corntotionist Michael yoga yoga he was on tour to the enternational festival of carthege Tunisia held on 18th-19 of July presenting Tanzania

3 08 2015

our artist Michael yogayoga now is prepared for the tournament categories in Tunisia on 19th july to 20th July 2015 this tournament it invented all african country

28 06 2015

The YogaYoga new show coming soon!

9 04 2013

About Contortionists

2 09 2009
Contortionists have the ability to bend their bodies in unusual ways. Contortionists are incredibly flexible, a quality that they work on to extremes through a variety of training and exercises. Contortionists often perform as part of a circus act or as acrobats, but occasionally become solo acts due to their capability to astound audiences with their feats of flexibility. The world’s most notable contortionist has been seen by millions of people in both movies and television shows. Michael yoga yoga


  1. There are different types of contortionists, depending on which direction their spine is most flexible. Front-benders can fold forward at their waist even with their legs straight. Some front-benders have the extreme ability to put the backs of their knees directly behind their own shoulders. Back-benders, on the other hand, can bend backward so far that they can touch their heads to their feet. The vast majority of contortionists can bend only one way or the other, but a rare few are flexible enough to do both.
  2. Abilities

  3. Some contortionists can perform amazing splits that make most people cringe with pain. They can have their feet supported by something like a chair, with one in front of them and the other in back. These splits are called oversplits, when the contortionist actually splits more than 180 degrees. Other contortionists engage in an art form called enterology in which they squeeze their bodies into small containers such as boxes or through small hoops that appear impossible to fit through. Others will dislocate joints such as shoulders or hips to get themselves into unusual positions.
  4. Careers

  5. The acts of a contortionist can be quite varied. They are often choreographed with special costumes worn by the performer. Contortionists can be part of an ensemble group or work alone, and many find work in venues such as in music videos, at concerts or as part of opening acts for other performer
  6. Michael Elias Mondosha is the most famous contortionist in the East Africa and Europe. He goes by the nicknameĀ  of Yogayoga and is one of the few contortionists who can bend both forward and backward with wonderful ease. He learned at an early age that he was very flexible and refined his abilities to the point that he is now billed as “the most flexible man alive.”Michael Yogayoga can sit on top of the stick while his legs are behind of his back.
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