MICHAEL ELIAS MONDOSHA (YOGAYOGA )born in East Africa Tanzania
Grew up at the small villages known as kawajense mpanda district around of lake Rukwa he is a 29year’s old his family was very talented family his mother she was very good artist on that time she was performing traditional ngoma and singing one of the local troupe calling Majimoto located at Mpanda district near to katavi national park and lake Rukwa.


Yoga yoga is an actor entertainer and contortionist He is actually the most flexible man He has trained extensively in order to accomplish that for his frexibility and creation Michael yoga yoga he uses hes contortion skills combined with his acting ability to conform his body in to any shape.

He dislocates his arms and rage to crawl through an unstrung tennis racquet performs contortion in handstands and unique acrobatic He has combined all of his special skills into an amazing and hilarious show He performs any where from sporting events to concert hall and corporate functions yoga yoga He has experience of performing on stage more than 20years theatrical acting live performance and tradeshow presentation with group- company- band entertainment –creating advertisement- and modeling.

If you didn’t catch him performing live at performing a professional basketball or baseball game football you probably have seen him on the different festival television programs gala show in Europe and Africa you can also see him on the famous circus afrika!afrika!


Yoga yoga before to become the famous solo act contortionist in Africa he first met the show’s promoter his name babu bachu he was the radio presenter of Burundi Bujumbura beginning of the year1996 start work together as promoter with yoga yoga babu bachu he arrange every thing for the show and the first show was in Tanzania then Kenya- Burundi- Rwanda -Uganda –Zambia- Malawi – Zimbabwe- msumbiji –Congo and after went to Denmark for the gala show
Yoga yoga start to crography the traditional dance in Tanzania with one of the famous read singer tradition culture saida karoli beginning of the year 2002 she was raunchy her new album known chambuwa kamakalanga in haya tribe and Swahili after launching the albums in Tanzania at diamond jubelee then national stadium and travel to Uganda nakivubo stadium kampala.

At the year of 2006 yoga yoga start his own youth culture groupe he was introducing as yogayoga stars of Africa where by 18 tanagers are inclusive it’s settlement located at kijitonyama the village museum Dar-es-salaam Tanzania He actually do to correct the talented ophern who are jobless (street children) and prosper them traditional and let them get permanently employment through there own talent acrobatic- traditional ngoma-and contortion back and forward.
The main arm of yoga yoga is to destroying the poverty to be history instead of regrouping themselves and involves them self into illegal issues like drug dealing and etc. in our community.
At the year of 2006 michael yoga yoga met with winstorn rudo the manneger of hakuna matata the circus from Africa and mother afrika and give yoga yoga the contract to begin the afrika!afrika!2 in Europe by presenting Tanzania.


Yoga yoga now he started him self to make planning about buildings the sports school of culture for all deferent talented for the young people in Tanzania at Dodoma and let them reach their own target to become international then intercontinental artist to reach their purpose and to serve the youth and tanagers generation which is roasting street child are among of our society and is our responsibility to help them as long as we can we have to help those who are surfering.
Yoga yoga he was working with afrika!afrika! circus in Europe more than two2 years to the tennit and indoor tour around the Europe- Germany-Swiss-Italy –France-Spain-London-Belgium –and Austria.


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10 06 2014

natafuta mzamin mwaka wa pili cjapata kwani ninao uwezo kama uwo

10 06 2014
Michael YogaYoga

Swawa Ndug:Joseph
Tunashukuru kuona kama unauwezo mkubwa kama msanii wetu Michael YogaYoga kwani nia na madhumuni
Nikuweza kuendeleza Vipaji mbalimbali Tanzania nzima kilapande Kwahiyo usijali tutajalibu kukutafuta
ili tuone uwezowako kisha utapewa nafasi ya kufanya kazi na Kampuni yetu ya YOGAYOGA INTERTAINMENT:

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